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Join Quetzal for an online session about Mental Health on the 15th May 10:30-12pm as part of Lightseekers ‘Ways to Wellbeing’  programme. The free online programme, launching during Mental Health Awareness Week, features 9 sessions from 14th May – 13th June 2021, to support individual and community wellbeing.

Ways To Wellbeing  – free and funded by Near Neighbours – brings together a range of practitioners interested in supporting individual and community health & wellbeing. During the sessions, attendees will learn techniques, acquire knowledge and information to support their journey towards physical, social, mental, environmental and spiritual health. Personal wellbeing sessions in May include yoga, improving emotional health, pranayama (breathing techniques), gut health, reflexology. June workshops are community focused, with sessions on community repair and reuse, connecting with nature and ways to better manage time and energy.

The programme ends with a collaborative session, to consider how we can work collectively and as a community, to support one-another towards greater wellbeing.

The Ways to Wellbeing programme starts within Mental Health Awareness Week and finishes one week prior to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in the United kingdom. The pandemic has highlighted a surge in the number of people needing mental health support with many experiencing heightened anxiety, stress and depression. Equipping individuals with tools and knowledge to better manage periods of stress, is just one way to cultivate healthier communities, which are centered around the concept of care. This programme provides vital tools and resources for participants to remain grounded, so that they can offer better support to others. Research shows that reducing stress can improve overall health, while reducing risks of developing disorders and other physical ailments. During these 9 FREE sessions, a range of local, experienced practitioners will inspire participants to learn new techniques and show them how to integrate these practices into their daily lives.

Quetzal session about Mental Health on the 15th May from 10:30-12pm will cover how trauma affects emotional wellbeing, look at the emotional and the methods to process emotions in a beneficial ways. – The session will be delivered by Shabnum Popat, Clinical lead at Quetzal and experienced counsellor equipping people with the tools to build a better life

For More information and Book your tickets – CLICK HERE

Quetzal participation in LightSeekers’ Ways to Wellbeing Programme is part of Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative equipping communities – esp. South Asian Communities living in Leicester – with greater awareness of the impacts of trauma on the daily lives of survivors.

At Quetzal, we offer free counselling sessions to women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. If you need our service, please reach out now so that we can support you.

For other services related to domestic and sexual violence, check out our Useful Numbers

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