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Charnwood Outreach aims to measure the effectiveness of a community-based approach to raise awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in the region. With the support of a volunteer community connector living in Charnwood, Quetzal will measure whether their presence in the region increases awareness amongst female survivors.

In 2020-2021,  40 female survivors from Charnwood out of 261 total referrals (15%) contacted our charity for support.

In 2021-2022, 78 (+85%) out of 439 total referrals (17%) contacted Quetzal.

Over the years, the number of referrals from the region remains the highest after Leicester.

Through the project, Quetzal plans to use their learning from the Breaking the Silence Initiative and apply them to create an impact in Charnwood, so that more female survivors are aware of the support available to them.

Who is supporting the initiative?

Shire Community Grants, Charnwood Grant, and your donations are supporting the initiative

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