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The Market Harborough Project

At Quetzal, we specialise in supporting female survivors of CSA, offering them free long-term counselling services and support. Now with the Market Harborough Project, we are taking a significant step forward in addressing the needs of female survivors within a specific geographic area.

We aim to make our services more accessible to women in the Market Harborough region, and have received funding from the Getting Help in the Neighbourhood Fund put together by the NHS. By offering a safe space, counselling services, empowerment workshops, and ongoing support networks, we aim to help survivors regain their self-worth, overcome trauma, and rebuild their lives.

From 2021 – 2023, we’ve had over 305 female survivors who’ve referred themselves for counselling and reached out to Quetzal for support.

If you are suffering from the trauma of CSA, please refer yourself here.

Guest Speaker at Afternoon Tea & Networking Event in Market Harborough

On Thursday 15 June 2023, Zakiya Valera, our Volunteer Manager, attended and spoke at an Afternoon Tea and Networking event in Market Harborough to spread awareness around the Getting Help in the Neighbourhoods outreach programme.  

We were able to spread the word about Quetzal, the work that we do as well as raise awareness on Childhood Sexual abuse, and the importance of counselling and accessing support. Having an empowering and encouraging environment where women can feel safe and meet like-minded women is a really important factor in healing from abuse and is really the essence of the work that we do in Quetzal.  

What was most apparent was that despite the emphasis that the attendees put on the importance of the work we do, a lot of them admitted that they hadn’t heard about Quetzal until the event day. That is why the outreach work we do is so important.  

How can you help and support us with Outreach? 

Volunteering! our Community Outreach role allows us to meet different communities within Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland to do more awareness raising sessions on behalf of Quetzal. If you are interested in volunteering with us, get in touch with Zakiya on She would be more than happy to give you more information on the volunteering opportunities and how you can support survivors. 

Fill out this 5min survey to help us understand the places and communities we need to reach out to in the Market Harborough region.

There are still a lot of women out there who silently carry the trauma of CSA with them. We need your help to spread the word and reach out to every woman who seeks support, to tell them that help is available. 

If you’d like to explore more opportunities, donate, organise a fundraiser, or volunteer, get in touch!

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