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Sikh Women’s Aid stimulate and develop lasting positive change by actively challenging harmful belief systems and practices that act as the root cause of all forms of abuse within the Sikh and wider South Asian community.

Their goal is to empower victims to take control of their own lives to become survivors by breaking free of toxic cultural practices that seek to disempower vulnerable members of the Sikh and South-Asian community especially those with language barriers, that prevent them from accessing the right kind of help and support.

How do they support vulnerable people experiencing harm and abuse

They provide for vulnerable people, with greater emphasis on women and children with language barriers in the Sikh and South-Asian communities who experience abuse:

  1. Crisis Intervention and support.
  2. Prevention via awareness, community workshops and training.
  3. Mental health support and resilience building in women and children.
  4. Act as a lead voice for empowering victims from a Sikh and South-Asian background who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual abuse and violence by producing report and gather data and statistics to ensure the female Sikh and south Asian experience in relation to VAWG has a platform.
  5. Feed into policy at a local, regional and national level to bring about positive change for victims.

Kings are Born 2021 Report

Kings are Born is SWA first and latest report that looks to evidence and examines the prevalence and impact of domestic and sexual violence in the Sikh/Panjabi community. The report is based on an anonymous survey that was circulated amongst the Sikh/Panjabi community in the Summer of 2021 and closed with 674 respondents. Read it here

Along with the report, they launched a song and music video called ‘Settle the Score’ for you to share

Contact Sikh Women’s Aid

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Call on 0333 090 1220

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Break the Silence Initiative

Thanks to Meena Kumari from the H.O.P.E. Training and Consultancy,

supporter of the Breaking the Silence Initiative and trustee at Quetzal, we are able to sharethe information that supports female survivors from the South Asian Community in their journey towards recovery. Learn more about the Breaking the Silence Initiative here.


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