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Watch Quetzal Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Celebrate This Year Incredible Work

On the 25th of November 2021, Quetzal had their Annual General Meeting sharing their incredible work supporting female survivors of childhood sexual abuse in their journey towards recovery and healing.

Quetzal Chair – Richard Fresia-Farrely – opened the AGM highlighting some of the challenges ahead for a charity like ours to continue their work with female survivors in a funding landscape that keeps on changing.

Deborah Knight, new appointed CEO this year, kickstarted the presentation emphasising that despite an unusual year, Quetzal had a great year responding to growing demand from female survivors and expanding their fundraising activities.

It was followed by dr Marie Lefebvre, project facilitator and development officer highlighting the results from the community outreach work through the Breaking the Silence Initiative and Leicestershire Outreach as well as work strengthening Quetzal monitoring and reporting capacities.

Finally, Shabnum Popat, clinical lead, shared the work facilitating the transition from face-to-face to online and telephone counselling sessions, increasing the team of counsellors supporting female survivors to 35 in total, the highest number so far, as well as developing our services and our policies.

Finally, Manjora Bisla, treasurer, shared Quetzal Financial Report for 2020-2021 highlighting some of the key areas of work for Quetzal.

Who we thank

  • The female survivors taking the brave steps to share their stories and start their counselling journey,
  • The Volunteers supporting them,
  • The Staff using their skills and abilities to facilitate great change,
  • The Trustees
  • The funders, communities, partners and supporters that are enabling us to amplify the voice of female survivors further.

Support Quetzal

From the video, you’ve understood that Quetzal is growing and more women are reaching out for support.

Donation is the main way you can support Quetzal so they can continue their incredible work.

Donate now and reach out if you would like to organise and participate in fundraising activities

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