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Take Part in challenging myths stopping victims of sexual violence to seek support and Support the Launch of the virtual Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence art exhibition by sharing images, comments and videos on Monday 9th of November and tagging #talksv @letstalksv @leicquetzal

The article is part of Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative where we collaborate with communities involved in faith-based, sports, cultural and academic activities to raise further awareness in Leicester South Asian Communities about the the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling. The collaboration have rippled effects supporting women’s wellbeing across communities Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and beyond.

At Quetzal, we offer free counselling sessions to women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. If you need our service, please reach out now so that we can support you.

For other services related to domestic and sexual violence, check out our Useful Numbers

Why it is important to take part in challenging myths about sexual violence?

Sexual violence is a long-standing and important issue which impacts millions of people around the world. Working together, a group of academics, activists, artists, practitioners, students, survivors and sexual violence support services have come together to create a virtual, interactive, artful intervention which aims to challenge myths and misconceptions about sexual violence.

It is critical to challenge these myths because they impact victims’ willingness to come forward after an assault, to seek support services, and even the chances they will be believed by others. For those who wish to proceed through the criminal justice system, rape myths are linked to low numbers of cases being taken to court and subsequently even fewer convictions.

There currently exist many stigmas around sexual assault survivors, and education around who can be a victim, and what “real” rape looks like can help to challenge these stigmas and bring healing to victims. The exhibition tackles themes of consent, victimhood, and the power of voice for survivors and those who want change.

About the exhibition

As part of the University of Leicester’s Festival of Social Science, running from Monday 9th to 15th November, the virtual Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence art exhibition will be free to explore for anyone who wants to learn more and bust myths on sexual violence.

The exhibition link will be live from Monday 9th November and can be accessed on the website

How to take part in the viral #talksv @letstalksv @leicquetzal social media campaign?

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