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National Volunteers’ Week takes place from 1-7 June each year and provides an opportunity for us to thank our volunteers for their contribution throughout the year.

Quetzal aims to be there for women who are dealing with the trauma of childhood sexual abuse when they need and want support through counselling.  We have huge responsibility to support them in time of crisis, and to be there every steps of the way as they are drawing their own path towards recovery.

We could not do this without the help and commitment of our dedicated volunteer counsellors, who are an integral part of the Charity.

Every year, approximately 20 volunteer counsellors donate their time to support approximately 300 women aged 16 and above recovering from the trauma fo childhood sexual abuse.

Most of our volunteers completed their trainee placement at Quetzal, and continued, once qualified, to support clients.They all received a specialised in-house training about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse as well as in-house clinical supervision. They have experience and knowledge with dealing with complex compounded trauma and they are dedicated to their clients’ welfare. We are so grateful for having them.

This year, we want to make a special mention on how resilient and adaptable our volunteer counsellors are. The COVID-19 Pandemic demanded from volunteers to deliver all their counselling sessions remotely. We are so thankful that they have been able to do this so successfully. We were able to do a short survey of the clients being supported during the crisis and, this is what some of them said:

‘’Due to the current climate and stay at home policy, one can feel a little isolated. I feel supported via Quetzal and not alone. For me I think this is important.’’ Client 1

‘’I am just really grateful for the counselling and the counsellor as she is my lifeline.’’  Client 2

We also want to thank our Trustees who are all volunteering their time and energy to ensure that Quetzal always put the needs of women aged 16 and above living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland dealing with the trauma of childhood sexual, are prioritised, and that everyone else is being look after.

We’re fortunate to have an experienced and trauma-informed volunteer community who are dedicated to support women and their community wellbeing. We want to further share this knowledge and experience with everyone, and so we have a new volunteering opportunity where you can get a specialised training about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and volunteer your time to enhance the knowledge of your community so that eventually more women will seek support. Whether you’re passionate about ending violence against women and girls, mental health issues, community development or want to learn more about counselling, you can check our new Volunteer Connector opportunity.

If you haven’t yet checked out our Breaking the Silence initiative and various opportunities for volunteering, have a look at our website and find out how you can play your part in supporting more women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.