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Quetzal's Week of Activism 2024
Week of Activism 2024
Supporting survivors in their journey of recovery from abuse
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Counselling can support you on your healing journey by providing a safe and confidential space where you can share your experiences, emotions, and thoughts without fear of judgment. A trained counsellor will offer empathy, validation, and understanding, helping you process your emotions and navigate the complex feelings associated with the abuse.

Childhood sexual abuse can have long-lasting effects on your well-being, but counselling can assist you in working through the trauma and its impact on your life.  Through counselling, you can find a path toward healing and recovery.

Counselling can help you regain a sense of control and empowerment over your life. By exploring your experiences, understanding the impact of the abuse, and challenging any self-blame or shame, you can reclaim your self-worth and build a stronger sense of self.

Quetzal can assist you in building a support network of understanding individuals. You may have opportunities to connect with other survivors in group work or involve trusted individuals in your healing process. Your counsellor can help you identify and establish healthy relationships, improving your overall social support system.

Remember that everyone’s journey is unique. It’s important to work with a counsellor experienced in trauma and abuse who can provide the appropriate support and guidance for your specific needs.

Consider exploring our additional support services and resources as they can complement your healing process.

Quetzal counselling services include long term counselling which is up to a year, single session therapy and group workshops. 

We support survivors of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances.

As a woman only service Quetzal can:

  1. Understand shared experiences: Quetzal specialise in supporting female survivors who have faced similar experiences. We have a deep understanding of the specific challenges that women encounter as survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Our services provide a safe and inclusive space where you can feel understood, validated, and connect with other survivors.
  2. Addressing gender-specific issues: Quetzal are well-equipped to address the gender-specific issues that may arise from childhood sexual abuse. We can help you navigate topics such as body image, relationships, boundaries, trust, and empowerment, focusing on the unique experiences and societal expectations that women face. Our counsellors are trained to explore these aspects and provide specialised support.
  3. Enhanced sense of safety: Women-only services create an additional layer of safety and comfort for you as a survivor. Having a space exclusively for female survivors can help you feel more at ease discussing sensitive topics and sharing your emotions. This increased sense of safety can foster trust, openness, and a deeper level of healing during your therapeutic journey.

With our all-female workforce and volunteer team, we provide a safe and secure environment in which we deliver unique care and attention to each woman based on their specific needs. 

As a women-only service, we want to emphasize that we welcome and support all women, including transgender women. We recognise and affirm that gender identity is a deeply personal and authentic aspect of each individual’s experience. We strive to create a safe, inclusive, and non-discriminatory environment for all survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

It is our belief that every survivor, regardless of their gender identity, deserves support, empathy, and healing. We are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and solidarity within our women-only space. By embracing the diversity of our community, we aim to empower all survivors on their healing journey.

Our Work Across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

We are hugely proud of the work we have done in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland for the last 30 years but also recognise there is so much still to do. To improve access for female survivors living larger distances from our centre we offer both telephone and online counselling services

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