Together, we can help female survivors break free from
the trauma of childhood sexual abuse


How we work to make a difference


Counselling can have a profound impact on the lives of individual women and their families. 

Whether women are at risk due to substance misuse, self-harm, suicide, depression, anxiety, or just want a space to explore their past experiences and plan for the future, our team of volunteer qualified and trainee counsellors can help.  We make sure we can be there to help when women and girls over the age of 16 need us the most.

Quetzal counselling services include long term counselling which is up to a year, crisis counselling for 6 weeks, single session therapy and group therapy. 

Our Work with Female Survivors

In 2020-2021, Quetzal supported 261 female survivors aged 16 and over recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  

The female survivors we support are of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Many have kept the secret of their abuse for years. They decide to access counselling because of mental health problems, issues within personal relationships or life changes. After coping for years an event can trigger further emotional distress or upheaval meaning that they are no longer able to manage the impact of the abuse.  

With our all-female workforce and volunteer team, we provide a safe and secure environment in which we deliver unique care and attention to each woman based on their specific needs. 

Our Work Across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

We are hugely proud of the work we have done in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland for the last 30 years but also recognise there is so much still to do. To improve access for female survivors living larger distances from our centre we operate in facilities situated in Coalville, Hinckley, Leicester, Loughborough. We have also further developed our telephone and online counselling servicesOur outreach work aims to provide individually tailored support to every woman in need, as well as raise awareness on the value of counselling and the impacts of abuse on mental health.

How You Can Help Women Now

There are so many ways you can support Quetzal

Donate to support the delivery of counselling to local women in need. Every donation makes an important difference and allows us to continue and expand our services.

Fundraise for us

Fundraising for Quetzal comes in all shapes and sizes, from running a marathon to organising a cake sale and everything in between. Fundraising both help in raising well-needed funds for Quetzal so that our support can remain free.

Volunteer for us

Want to give your time instead? Check our range of volunteering opportunities. If you are a qualified or trainee counsellor, you can join Quetzal to support women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse by becoming a Volunteer Counsellor. If you want to raise awareness in your community, you can join to become a Community Volunteer Connector. As a Community Volunteer Connector, you will gain specific knowledge on trauma and ways to support survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Alternatively, Quetzal is always looking for skilled and knowledgeable people to join the board of Trustees. Together we can do more work to end the violence against women and girls.