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”With her help, I was able to reduce the huge cloud that was over me” is a short testimony/story of change written by one of Quetzal’s beneficiaries as part of their end-of-service evaluation.

We want to thank the beneficiary who wrote this statement for permitting us to share it on our website. We invite you in turn to read and share her story.

And if you would like to share yours, fill the form here.


I started the service at a very low point of my life, I had lived with my child abuse for my whole life and had not spoken to any professionals about it.  After an incident that triggered deep memories and caused a lot of disturbance.  I received good help from initial assessment who helped me to wait. Then was placed with a counsellor, and found her to be the help that I needed, kind, genuinely caring, listened, related back to me what I was thinking and hearing. Sometimes it was hard to go through the process, but she was so helpful I felt in a safe place to go through the story and to deal with the stress of the process, flashbacks, memories and with her help was able to reduce the huge cloud that was over me down to a snowflake size shadow.  It doesn’t swamp me like it did.  It doesn’t swamp me, I feel much more able to cope with it because of her help.  It wasn’t easy, but I am very grateful.

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