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Watch Quetzal Webinar recorded on Volunteer’s  Week:  Breaking the Silence – What We’ve learnt so Far , learn more about our community-based approach and download pdf presentation with references and links to follow.

The Webinar video is for individuals, partners and community organisations interested in adopting or learning more about the effectiveness of a community-based approach to increase awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, and the value of counselling in Black, Asian and Minorities Ethnic.
It features Quetzal Community Connectors, Deborah Knight, Chief Executive Officer & Dr Marie Lefebvre, Development Officer & Project Facilitator
Quetzal takes the opportunity to celebrate Female survivors, Volunteers, and Partners amplifying survivors’ voices by sharing all that we’ve learnt from the Breaking the Silence Initiative and Shows their Stories Of Change Short Movie Clips, written by survivors, read and reenacted by volunteers, directed and filmed by Nikhil Mistry and its team. #QuetzalStoriesofChange

What to expect

  • Find out more about Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative
    • Background
    • Aim
    • Objectives
  • Understand some Key Term Definition
    • Community Based Approach – Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
    • South Asian Community
  • Find out more about Our Process
    • Collecting Stories and Mapping Assets (Year 1)
    • Engage and Execute despite all circumstances (Year 2)
    • Self-Mobilisation through Association (Year 3*Stories of Change*
  • Key Learnings about the Community-based approach
  • Find out about our next Next Steps
  • Close

Find at end of the presentation links and resources to support your organisation and community learning

About the Breaking the Silence Initiative

The three-year initiative 2019-2022 aims to measure the effectiveness of a community-based approach to raise awareness in South Asian Communities living in Leicester about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling.

The project is funded through the Tampon Tax Fund and through the co-partnership between Comic Relief and the Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DMCS).

Next Steps

We will have an 1h30 session on Thursday 8th July 11-12:30 to discuss ”What Would You Do Differently to Break the Silence in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities?”. 
Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative is ending in February 2022. Still, the Stories of Change is never ending. Our Initiative as presented during the webinar is one of millions of ways to raise awareness about the support available to survivors in Leicester. We would love to know what would be your way to raise awareness in BAME communities and see if we can continue to create change in our communities together.
The main aim of the session is to foster a spirit of collaboration between individuals, communities, associations and institutions wanting to make BAME communities more trauma-informed and aware of the services and initiatives tackling sexual and domestic violences. During the session we will share project ideas, initiatives and current projects as well as map out the community links, assets and resources that can support project delivery. Through discussion, each participant will be able to identify opportunities for collaboration, area focus and define next steps of action.