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Are you living or studying in Leicester? 

Are you involved with a women’s community in Leicester?

Are you studying psychology or social care?

Are you interested in working with women survivors of abuse?

Join our connector team to connect with communities across Leicester City and play a crucial role in raising awareness for our cause at local events and function so that more women 16 and over dealing with the trauma of childhood sexual abuse can access counselling for the first time.

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Volunteer with Quetzal Counselling Services

Quetzal provides free confidential counselling, providing essential support for women aged 16 and over living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

We offer free face-to-face, telephone and online counselling to women aged 16 and over. By volunteering with Quetzal, you will develop new skills, receive free supervision, specialised trainings and be involved in events and local function to raise awareness about our cause so that more  women can access counselling for the first time.

If you want to make a difference and support the end of violence against women and girls, we want to hear from you!

Please note this is a volunteering opportunity and require a commitment of six months. 

Due to the nature of our services, volunteering opportunities are available to women only.

How It All Works

What does volunteering look like?

  • Raising awareness about the value of counselling and Quetzal services to various community groups in Leicester
  • Help deliver presentations, talks and events in various communities
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of research, fundraising and marketing activities
  • A few hours a week
  • Flexible around you and your schedule
  • Based at Quetzal premises, in the community or at home
  • Commitment of six month

What do I need?

  • Are able to travel to Leicester City Centre. For training, and able to attend monthly group supervision.
  • Have a good knowledge and understanding of community-based and grassroot approach to raise awareness in community
  • You are someone who has transferable skills allowing you to work in a team.
  • You are organised, dedicated, reliable, and communicates well in a professional setting. Confident using Microsoft Office, and have experience using Skype.

Benefits for you

  • Experience working with communities to raise awareness and fundraise through events and outreach.
  • Free monthly group supervision.
  • Robust development of research skills, and expertise in community-based approach.
  • Invaluable experience towards your future career. Referrals can be provided after successful volunteering with Quetzal.

What you get from us

  • Specialist in-house training on childhood sexual abuse and trainings, support, and experience with an organisation who are the forerunners in Leicestershire and Rutland of providing long-term counselling to women dealing with the impacts of non-recent abuse
  • Refreshment on shift
  • The opportunity to work with passionate women counsellors.