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Quetzal is inviting people to take part in breaking the silence about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse in their community by submitting their stories to feature on Quetzal website.

Your Story Matter whether you are an ex-client, a current client, a counsellor, a partner, a researcher, a local community leader or entrepreneur.

By raising awareness across communities about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, a survivor in Leicester, Leicestershire Rutland and beyond will know that when they will need support, they can access it, knowing that there is a community, out there, that care.

What is the story I can tell?

It can be about:

  • Your journey towards recovery
  • How you’ve empowered your community to learn more about trauma
  • Your research
  • Your services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that aims to support women’s health and wellbeing.

How do I submit my story?

If you would like to submit your story in written or video format, visit Quetzal Voices  and email us at: media (at) If you wish to remain anonymous, we will be happy to change your name.

To subscribe to Quetzal Voices – Follow the link here

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