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Student Volunteering Week is a time to celebrate our student volunteers at Quetzal and hear more about the opportunities we offer. Make the most of this week by following us on social media and attending some of our events.

On Tuesday 8th February from 10-2pm, Quetzal is at DMU Volunteering Fair at DMU Student Union on Mill Lane

On Monday 14th February, Quetzal is at the University of Leicester Student Volunteering Fair.

Quetzal has new volunteering role opportunities that fit perfectly well in the lives of students. We offer a Volunteer Community Connector, a Social Media Support Role,  a website content role, an Emotional support role.

By joining Quetzal, you will develop your skills, connect with wonderful other women and support many others in their journey recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Most of our volunteers are students at De Montfort University completing their bachelor or master’s degree in Marketing, English & Literature, Communication and Media and Psychology.

This week, we want to thank and celebrate them for supporting Quetzal in this past year with reaching out to communities, enhancing our social media communication, delivering presentations, using us as case studies for their assignment and dissertation and sharing their learning on how we can do things better.

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