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Would you like to feature on Quetzal Voices, Community Newsletter?

Email us media (at)

Quetzal Voices is a community newsletter featuring the stories of people breaking the silence about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse in their community to which you can take part.

Your Story Matter. You can help women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse to take the first step in rewriting their own by knowing that if they need support, they can access it.

You can be an ex-client, a current client, a volunteer counsellor, a partner, a researcher, a writer,  a local entrepreneur or community leader, you can share your experience. Your story can be about:

  • Your journey towards recovery
  • how you’ve empowered your community to learn more about trauma
  • Your research and opportunities to get involved
  • Your services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that aims to support women’s mental health.

if you would like to submit your story, in written or video format, to be considered on Quetzal Voices, please email us at media (at)

We may not be able to post all the stories sent to us but we will let you know either way. We ask that written stories are up to 800 words long and while we may edit stories, it will always be with your consent and final approval. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will change your name accordingly.

We look forward to reading from you soon.

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