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Peer Support Groups provide invaluable spaces for people to come together to share experiences, speak openly about challenges and share information. The results can be astounding with members often trying new things and feeling more positive.

At Quetzal, we are working with survivors to create those peer support groups across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by training them as peer support group facilitator and signposting them to existing support groups.

Train as a peer support group facilitator

Quetzal is working with Survivors Voices, a survivor-led organisation that harnesses the expertise of people affected by abuse to transform society’s response to trauma, to deliver a 2-day peer group facilitators training for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Along with the training, peer group facilitators will receive supervisory support for a year to set up their own group.

Join a support group

Several organisations in Leicester and Leicestershire have support groups including:

Also, Check Quetzal What’s on for upcoming events to meet with others

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