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Big Thank you to Nikhil Mistry for fundraising and donating £272 to Quetzal. Your donation supports female survivors of childhood sexual abuse in their journey towards recovery!

We are ever so appreciative to Nikhil for choosing our charity this year, delivering a 12hr gaming broadcast, raising awareness about the Breaking the Silence Initiative as well as inviting people to donate.  With your donation, we will fund approximately three month worth of FREE counselling sessions for a female survivors. The counselling will provide a survivor with the tools, knowledge and confidential space to understand and deal better with the impacts of the abuse. Every donation allows us to continue delivering FREE counselling to female survivors making it so much more accessible. It also allows Quetzal to develop the resources and programmes to raise awareness in communities across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland about the impacts of abuse and the value of counselling.

About Nikhil Mistry and Quetzal

Quetzal collaborated with Nikhil Mistry as part of the Breaking the Silence Initiative to produce a series of videos and social media clips to amplify the voices of survivors in Leicester. Nikhil Mistry brought Accalia productions to assist in the project delivery. Through animation as a main key component and filming, they were able to bring to life the words of female survivors supported through the Breaking the Silence Initiative.

We shared the videos for the first time at Quetzal Webinar – Breaking the Silence Initiative – What We’ve Learnt So far where we’ve received wonderful feedback.

Visit Nikhil Mistry Website to learn more about his journey collaborating with Quetzal

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