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The NHS in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) together with the local authorities in the City, County and Rutland are joining forces to re-launch the newly recommissioned Mental Health Wellbeing and Recovery Support Service this week.

The Mental Health Wellbeing Recovery Service (MHWRS) will see £1 million per annum invested across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland over the next five years to provide advice, guidance and support for people experiencing difficulty with their emotional and mental health. The service is open access, meaning that there is no need for an appointment and people can refer themselves to the service.

What does the service provide people?

The service is aimed at providing a first point of access for people who need mental health support. It is designed to be easy to access – people can contact the service direct without the need of seeing their GP – and it provides more than medical support, recognising that mental health issues are often caused by other stresses.

After an initial assessment, support is tailored to what people need and to the outcomes they want to work towards.   For example, it can be one-off advice or can be ongoing, face to face support lasting several sessions (about 8-12). Recovery workers are trained to support the person to manage their mental health and the impact it has on different elements of their life. Support covers topics such as finances, home and daily living needs, engaging in the community, employment and developing self-help and coping strategies.

Who is providing the service?

There are four providers and each one is covering a part of the city and/or county. They will be based in their patch meaning that there is someone to work with people needing support at a convenient location.

For details of who covers where

Mental Health Wellbeing and Recovery Support Service (MHWRSS) – Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (

For more information on the other types of support for mental health such as the Crisis Cafes and the 24/7 helpline. 0808 800 3302Mental health support – Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (

Frequently asked questions

Who can use the service?

It is aimed at adults and carers  and it open to anyone aged 18+ living in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland

How can I access it?

It is designed to be another ‘front door’ for people needing help with their mental health. People can get in touch with the service directly for advice, guidance and support with their mental health instead of going to their GP.

People don’t need a mental health diagnosis or a referral  to use this service – it is open to people who would benefit from the support offered.

What can this service help with?

It is designed to help people to recover from mental ill health and build resilience, allowing them to focus on achieving outcomes that are important to them this can include:

  • Emotional health and wellbeing
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Home and daily living needs
  • Feeling in control of your finances
  • Feeling safer and more secure in your home, neighbourhood, and community
  • Managing personal risks
  • Relationships
  • Engaging in community activities, education/training, or volunteering
  • Considering employment opportunities or sustaining employment

For Urgent and Emergency Support as well as other mental health support, click here

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