Kaajel Patel showcases her artworks at Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition on Saturday 18th September 2021 at Quetzal building. Quetzal first exhibition features artists and organisations that explore the role of arts in supporting survivors of abuse.

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About Kaajel Patel

Kaajel Patel is a London-based visual artist,  dancer, set designer actress and survivor of abuse. Her practice gravitates around themes of her British Asian identity, home, Indian dance and colour; are all common links. It celebrates the nuances of that crossover of culture, sometimes in dance, painting, costume or performance art. She believes her multidisciplinary interest comes from her grandmother who was the first artistic influence she  had growing up. Her inspiration and purpose to make her creations were all devotional for her Hindu gods but her crafts were eccentric and unusual.

Learn more about the artist by visiting her website – kaajel.com

How can you support Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition and the participating artists

You can purchase the artists’ artworks. Part of the proceeds will support the artists in their journey and the remaining will go to Quetzal enabling us to continue our FREE support to female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

You can invite us to display the artworks in your venue. Contact us directly so we can give you more information about the tour of the exhibition.

When booking for the event, you can choose to make a donation to support female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

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