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Quetzal joined 60 others for Coalville C.A.N. Vision for the Future Zoom Event – Join the Movement and Share Your Vision of the Future

On Monday 17th January 2022, Quetzal joined 60 residents and representatives of communities in Coalville for a Zoom Meeting organised by Coalville C.A.N. to find about A Vision for the Future, a vision where communities in Coalville, together, plan to take on buildings and generate People Profits to share locally; discover the activities and spaces to meet the people involved and find out how to get involved too.

Hearing about Coalville C.A.N. plans, we know they are ambitious – and DOABLE with people coming together, collaborating and sharing!

Over the Zoom meeting, we were reminded that the power lies within our communities to achieve the Vision for The Future for Coalville.

Watch the Coalville C.A.N. Zoom meeting

Quetzal is sharing a Vision For the Future with Coalville: Let’s Celebrate Together International’s Women Day

Quetzal is thankful for meeting individuals and communities in Coalville keen to create positive change for their town and residents

As part of the North West Leicestershire Outreach programme,  Quetzal will continue connecting and meeting people within the areas to increase awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling for survivors.

The first step for Quetzal is collaborating with Coalville C.A.N. and others to organise International Women’s Day on the 8th March 2022, bring the 50 Fantastic Females out for their last exhibition and celebrate all the women and families creating change in Coalville.

Would you like to get involved in organising International Women’s Day in Coalville with Quetzal, Coalville C.A.N and others and share your Vision for The Future for Coalville?

If Yes,

Join Coalville C.A.N. Monday Zoom Meeting happening every Monday at 7pm

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