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Improving access to psychological therapies for female survivors of childhood sexual abuse is a project that aims to increase the attendance of female survivors to their counselling sessions.

When a female survivor attend their counselling sessions without missing a session

  • female survivors obtain enhanced support as, together with the counsellor, they can monitor better, week on week their progress and resolve any issues that may arise by learning tools and techniques,
  • female survivors on the waiting list can more quickly start their counselling journey as other female survivors finish their sessions,
  • it diverts staff capacity on projects to develop and enhance Quetzal as opposed to recontacting female survivors who missed their session,
  • it increases the mood of volunteer counsellors who give their time for free to support female survivors.

Altogether, a greater attendance rate has an excellent benefit for Quetzal and its beneficiaries.

Quetzal noticed this year a rise in the number of female survivors not attending their counselling sessions.

They will explore with female survivors, volunteer counsellors, staff and partners the reasons why female survivors do not attend their counselling sessions and what they can do to support female survivors in coming to their session.

How can you support

If you are a volunteer counsellor at Quetzal and you’ve missed our December focus group on the topic, you can drop us an email with the reasons why female survivors do not attend.

If you are a female survivor who attended a psychotherapeutic session or who is currently supported by Quetzal, you can fill the following survey 

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