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”Join Coalville Mega Walk happening on the 12th December – Great Projects and History to Learn from” says Marie from Quetzal.

Marie joined last Sunday, Coalville C.A.N and residents from Coalville for 6 miles of Heritage, Shops, Parks and Countryside.

Coalville Mega Walk is organised by Coalville C.A.N,  a Community Benefit Society working WITH and FOR the people to realise the potential of Coalville as a place where local people are proud to live safely in good health and with high levels of aspiration and community spirit.

Why Quetzal joined Coalville Mega Walk?

Quetzal has a new project called North West Leicestershire Outreach that aims to measure the effectiveness of a community-based approach to raise awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in the region. To achieve the project, Quetzal is connecting with projects and individuals from the area.

Quetzal attending Coalville C.A.N. Monday Zoom Meet-Up and Coalville Mega Walk

Quetzal journey began by attending Coalville C.A.N Zoom Meet-up happening every Monday for people in Coalville to connect – Register for the next one here. The group invited Quetzal to join others for the Mega Walk on the 21st November.

On the day of the Mega Walk, the sky was clear, the sun shining and the mood chirpy. Everyone had their boots on. Ready to talk, ready to walk! We were accompanied by a pack of furry animals, labradors and other kinds

Some participants had lived in the Coalville area all their lives. Others found themselves moving to Coalville from other places, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Leicester. They all had something to learn about Coalville and something to share.

Highlights of the walk

Some highlights were the Century Theatre, Britain’s oldest surviving travelling theatre designed and built between 1948 and 1952, the project to make the Hermitage Leisure Centre a community asset, Polly’s bar called today Three Horses, an upcoming open mic on Friday 26th November at the Century Theatre and an exhibition called Expression of Freedom at Stephenson College organised by Safer NorthWest Leicestershire Partnership from the 25th November.

During the walk, the group discussed ”what to do for International Women’s Day on the 8th March 2022?”

Some ideas included

  • exhibiting the 50 fantastic females from Coalville,
  • showcasing short movies produced by and for local residents,
  • inviting charity groups to showcase their work,
  • having a group of karaté kids showcasing their skills,
  • having musicians,
  • having tables of crafts and arts,
  • finding a way to bring together both women and men to reflect upon what is International Women’s Day,
  • and so much more…

Have you got some ideas too? Would you like to support International Women’s Day in Coalville?

Share your thoughts on Facebook, Join Coalville C.A.N. on a Monday evening for a Zoom meeting and introduce yourself and your ideas – Register here

Would you like to support North West Leicestershire Outreach?

There are different ways you can support the outreach to raise awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse in the region. It includes to:

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