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Get inspired by the late Pick It Up Litter Picking Campaign in Wescotes organised and supported by Quetzal Volunteer Community Connectors.

On October 3rd, 2021 between 11.30-1 pm, Residents of Upperton Road and neighbouring communities were invited to participate in the Pickup Up Litter Picking Campaign, borrow litter picking equipment from Leicester City Council, clean up Wescotes area, get refreshments and biscuits from Starbucks and learn from local services such as Quetzal and First Steps.

The idea for bringing everyone together for a litter picking event was Oluchi Anozie, a student in International Marketing at DMU University, Volunteer Community Connector at Quetzal  and event organiser. With her dedication and with the support of Quetzal, her idea became reality and received support from First Steps, De Montfort University, Leicester City Council and Starbucks.

Oluchi Anozie says: “I came up with the idea of the Pick It up Campaign while volunteering for Quetzal, considering the impacts of litter on mental health and the natural environment and our ultimate needs to connect.  Litter picking is a positive way for people of a community to show they care. It also provides a way for people to connect and interact with their environment while doing a nice activity that supports the environment and mental health.” 

Listen to Oluchi Anozie and Deborah Knight, Quetzal CEO, talking about the event on BBC Radio Leicester on the Morning Show with Arun Verma

More about Pick It Up Campaign

The Pick it up campaign is a litter picking campaign that aims to inspire cleaner and healthier communities.

The “it” in the title of the campaign (Pick it up) mean different things to different people; it could mean to pick up from where we left off before the lockdown, Pick up connecting with people, Pick up being of service to our communities and others or Pick up taking responsibility for our mental well-being. 

The main objectives of the Pick it up campaign are to:  

  • Improve mental well-being and promote physical activity while cleaning up the community. 
  • Raise awareness about the range of services available to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 
  • Create opportunities for freshers and international students of DMU to connect with the locals, fellow students and the community.  

This socially distanced and safety monitored campaign encourages individuals, families, and students to volunteer in this community-wide effort to clean up the neighbourhood we all love. 

To learn more about the event and how it was organised, contact us



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