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Attend one of our upcoming Get Growing Talks: How to Start a Community Garden with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) on:

  • Tuesday 28th September
  • At 1-2pm
  • On Zoom

Register by Clicking on the following link:

About the session

Samantha Woods from The Conservation Volunteers Community Food Growing Support programme will lead this workshop.

This will be a short but comprehensive guide to the elements that lead to successful community gardening including: –

  1. Finding the right site for your project
  2. Learning all about your soil
  3. Organising your group – Governance and fund-raising
  4. Creating a Vision and Plan
  5. Getting going and keeping going into the longer term

Sam has worked with projects all over Leicester City on allotments, other Council land, including school grounds and private land and the workshop will provide a range of hints and tips to make your project sustainable as well as offering the opportunity to meet other community gardeners. The workshop will be a mixture of presentation materials and small group working.

A Breaking the Silence Initiative Session

The session is part of Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative a project that aims to measure the effectiveness of a community-based approach to raise awareness in South Asian Communities and TCV Food Growing Programme. Through our engagement with community gardening groups in Leicester and delivering online session about gardening, Quetzal was able to develop links and relationships with members of the South Asian communities and raise awareness further about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Quetzal wants to start a community gardening group in Beaumont Lodge

We have been collaborating with Samantha Woods to deliver the Get Growing Sessions and are looking to start together a community gardening group for female survivors and their supporters in Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Centre.

Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association, Zinthiya Trust as well as E2 will support in sharing the information to local groups via their online platform to inform residents of Beaumont Lodge.

Zosia Chmiel, local Beaumont Lodge entrepreneur will support Quetzal and its volunteers with the distribution of the leaflets in the area. Zosia Chmiel is a local graphic designer who through the Only Worn Project turns discarded second-hand clothes into wearable pieces and at the same time rescuing clothes from landfill. She’s passionate about sustainability and saving the environment from fashion pollutants. She is also a keen gardener and supported Quetzal with the design of their website.

If you live in Beaumont Lodge, want to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and gardening and join a community gardening group, get in touch with Quetzal.

A Big Thank You to Our Volunteer Connector, Laura.

Thank you to our volunteer connector, Laura Albertini, for gathering information for the online event and creating the leaflets and poster that will be distributed in Beaumont Lodge. The poster will feature at Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition on the 18th September 2021 and leaflets will be available for pick up.

If you would like to volunteer for Quetzal, contact us.

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