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Fusion arts & crafts event aftermath: mirror mirror


On the 3rd of September, at the Attenborough Arts Centre, Quetzal delivered an art & craft session with Leicester-based artist Khush Kali. and a quick presentation with Quetzal project facilitator, dr Marie Lefebvre. Root IWC organises Fusion events creating a creative art and social justice space for participants.

7 participants mademirrors, reflecting on themselves and their world. A major takeaway from the conversation was the importance of having a support group where concerns can be shared and solutions can be found. Here are some pictures from the event

More about the event


Dr Marie Lefebvre, development officer, and project facilitator at Quetzal. Marie’s background is in Design for Sustainability and Asset-Based Community Development. Marie joined Quetzal in 2019, delivering Quetzal Breaking the Silence, a project that aimed to measure the effectiveness of a community-based approach to raise awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse in South Asian Communities, and is experienced in delivering awareness-raising sessions about the impacts of abuse on survivors to a wider audience.


Khush Kali is a Leicester-based artist. Working across collage, drawing, textiles, digital media, sculpture, video, and text, Khush uses the remixing of patterns, images, rituals, and processes to explore identity, cultural heritage, personal history, and the everyday experience of the urban environment. She is committed to inclusive and accessible art-making for all and facilitates art workshops for children, young people, elders, people with mental health needs, and people who are incarcerated. Khush has been working with Quetzal to deliver the Queen and I project, celebrating the talents of survivors, the Queen’s Jubilee, and honoring late Charity patron Sue Townsend. More about Khush Kali:

About Fusion

Fusion is a bi-monthly intercultural creative art & social justice space, hosted by Roots Intercultural Worshipping Community, a ‘fresh expression of church in Leicester Diocese. Fusion brings together people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and age groups, exploring experiences and narratives from marginalised communities through creative arts, each session focusing on a different creative arts form and different social justice themes. We believe that it is possible to instigate dynamic and profound change in our lives, mindsets, and communities through making space for these interactions, giving voice to these stories and creative expressions. In Fusion sessions, we think together around a theme or a narrative, and each expresses our interpretations, questions, and passion in relation to that theme or story through an art form taught by a skilled arts facilitator – and we make time for intentional listening to one another as we reflect together on what has been created.

Visit our Peer Support Group page to find out more about the activities you can take part in

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