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Em Penney showcases her artworks at Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition on Wednesday 9th February 2022 at Quetzal building. Quetzal’s first exhibition features artists and organisations that explore the role of arts in supporting survivors of abuse.

One artist participating in the exhibition is Em Penney, a local artist, and survivor supported by Quetzal who will share her love for the sea and arts in the form of magnificent paintings set in our counselling rooms at Quetzal.

About Em Penney

Em Penney is a local playwright, digital artist, painter, actress, musician and survivor who received support from Quetzal.

She is a self-taught painter who has only recently gotten back into working on canvases after a lengthy absence. Thanks to Quetzal she was able to rediscover her love of using acrylic and once again feels connected to her art.

Emma has always had a love for the ocean and she hopes that it shows. From it’s calming nature, continual flow, home of amazing animals to it’s unpredictability and uncertainty, Emma has tried to convey these in her recent work shown here today. For her, there’s nothing quite like the ocean and she feels at her best when watching the surf and she feels that we have to do as much as we can to protect it.

How can you support Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition and the participating artists

You can purchase the artists’ artworks. Em Penney paintings will be on sale on the day of the exhibition. Part of the proceeds will support Em Penney in her journey as an artist and the remaining will go to Quetzal enabling us to continue our FREE support to female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

You can invite us to display the artworks in your venue. Contact us directly so we can give you more information about the tour of the exhibition

When booking for the event, you can choose to make a donation to support female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Book here and donate


Find out about the artists and organisations involved in Quetzal Stories of Change Collective Exhibition

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