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Elizabeth Shane share her poems at Quetzal Stories of Change Collective Exhibition opening on Wednesday 9th February 2022 at Quetzal building. Quetzal first collective exhibition features artists and organisations that explore the role of arts in supporting survivors of abuse.

One artist participating in the exhibition is Elizabeth Shane, a mother, volunteer for the elderly, part-time writer and survivor who will share with the visitor her book – Silhouette of the Song Bird in one of our counselling rooms.

About Elizabeth Shane

Elizabeth Shane is a full-time mother, volunteer for the elderly within the community, part-time author, survivor.

She only started writing poetry just over two and a half years ago. Before that, She had never read or written a poem before. Through support from her drama teacher, she was encouraged to discover life through the power of writing and given a safe space to explore her emotions. As well as writing for enjoyment, she began using it as a tool to process some of my painful thoughts and feelings through poems and wrote her first book, ‘Silhouette of a Songbird’- available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

She hopes by sharing her journey through the power of poetry, it gives other survivors support, strength, and comfort to know there is light on the other side and they are not going through this alone.

Book description

Elizabeth is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The traumatic effects of this left many emotional scars as well as complex PTSD, in a life often hidden by silence. Throughout different stages of her recovery, Silhouette of a Songbird witnesses Elizabeth’s personal struggle on her journey to unlock the pain of reclaiming her voice through the power of poetry. By sharing her own experience, she hopes this will provide support and strength to others who have suffered similar childhood trauma, with the knowledge that they are understood and not walking through the storm alone.

How can you support Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition and the participating artists

You can purchase the artists artwork and books at the exhibition. Elizabeth Shane book will be on sale on the day of the exhibition. Part of the proceeds will support Elizabeth Shane in her journey as a writer and the remaining will go to Quetzal enabling us to continue our FREE support to female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

You can invite us to display the artwork at your venue. Contact us directly so we can give you more information about the tour of the exhibition

When booking for the event, you can choose to make a donation to support female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Book here and donate

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