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#CrushtheHush2022 Success: NCS Team 1 fundraised £219 and created mural at Quetzal Building. Their support enables more female survivors of childhood sexual abuse living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to access free counselling sessions to continue their journey towards recovery.

Here is a quick summary of what NCS Team 1 did this summer to support Quetzal
NCS Team 1 partnered with Quetzal, a local Leicester-based charity this summer. The team worked together on first repainting the wall at the Quetzal Project, before adding a design that would help inspire growth and portray the key message of the charity.
NCS Team 1 also helped raise £219.75 for Quetzal from a bake sale at Natwest, Granby Street and a charity dinner at Chutney Ivy
– Team 1 had a fantastic time painting and learning about the charity from dr Marie Lefebvre (Quetzal project facilitator/development officer), as they built on work started by previous NCS groups.

A Big Thank you to the NCS Team 1 Star as well as Leicester Education Business Company from Quetzal and all our supporters

We are so appreciative of all the efforts you have put through, you indeed rose to the challenge. We honestly appreciate your fundraising effort and all the kind donations. It’s been a pleasure working with NCS. The painted room at Quetzal will be used by volunteers and staff as a lunch room, beneficiaries will also be able to use it as a meeting room. The donations are to further support survivors in their recovery journey from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Your project support falls into Quetzal Crush the Hush Programme for 16-24, supporting young survivors to engage with Quetzal and start their recovery journey

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