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#CrushtheHush2021 Success – NCS Team 5Star fundraised £300 and Create ArtWorks for Upcoming Exhibition: Quetzal Stories of Change opening on 9th February 2022. Their support enables more female survivors of childhood sexual abuse living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to access free counselling sessions to continue their journey towards recovery.

The following article report on the activities carried out by the NCS Team 5Star who successfully fundraised so far £300 for Quetzal and created artworks for our upcoming exhibition – Quetzal Stories of Change. You can still support them by donating here.

We hope that their efforts inspire you to fundraise for Quetzal too.

Fundraising for Quetzal means supporting women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse:

  • £50 allows us to deliver a free group session
  • £20 allows us to deliver a free one-to-one counselling session
  • £10 support victims of childhood sexual abuse in hearing about our services and more

You can find out more about events and fundraising here and download our Fundraising Guide

NCS participants created a presentation to report on their project 

A Big Thank you to the NCS Team 5 Star as well as Leicester Education Business College from Quezal and all our supporters

We are so appreciative for all the efforts you have put through and that despite the change of plans, you rose to the challenge. We honestly appreciate all the kind donations. It’s been a pleasure working with NCS. We were so keen to be picked that we even created a video with Dhara, our volunteer for the occasion and you picked us, thank you!!! Our next steps at Quetzal is to collect the artworks, frame it and get ready for the exhibition.

We hope to see you there!!!

How can you support Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition and the participating artists

You can purchase the artists’ artworks. Em Penney paintings will be on sale on the day of the exhibition. Part of the proceeds will support Em Penney in her journey as an artist and the remaining will go to Quetzal enabling us to continue our FREE support to female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

You can invite us to display the artworks in your venue. Contact us directly so we can give you more information about the tour of the exhibition

When booking for the event, you can choose to make a donation to support female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Book here and donate


Find out more about the artists and organisations involved in Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition

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