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#CrushTheHush2020 Success – NCS Participants fundraised £428 so far and received support from Becky Vardy. With their support,Women Victims of Sexual Abuse living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland can continue to access free counselling sessions at Quetzal.

The following article report on the activities carried out by the NCS participants who successfully fundraised so far £428 for Quetzal and received celebrity endorsement, You can still support them by donating here.

It also includes Thank you Message from Quetzal and our volunteer community connector, Tara who supported the campaign.

We hope that their efforts will inspire you to fundraise for Quetzal too.

Fundraising for Quetzal means supporting women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse:

  • £50 allows us to deliver a free group session
  • £20 allows us to deliver a free one-to-one counselling session
  • £10 support victims of childhood sexual abuse in hearing about our services and more

You can find out more about events and fundraising here and download our Fundraising Guide

NCS designs a poster to raise awareness about Childhood Sexual Abuse

NCS participants reported

Our team of 15 NCS participants raised awareness about Quetzal and our fundraising campaign by running several activities as outlined below:

Our team created a poster to assist promoting Quetzal, and we included QR codes to provide users with easy access to both the donation page along with Quetzals website.  

A group of us went into Blaby centre and distributed both posters and Quetzal leaflets to MIND, LOROS, Blaby post office and multiple Coffee shops.  

We have utilised social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to further distribute information on Quetzal to a much wider and larger audience. Also, our team has put the Just giving page link and Quetzal’s website in their BIO along with making several posts about the Quetzal project to utilize their follower base.  

On Facebook, We posted information regarding Quetzal on ‘Leicester and Leicestershire together group’ because this allows us to target people who are living in the Leicestershire region specifically.

On Instagram – Our group came up with the idea of crushing a drinks can (which symbolises crushing the silence) and named this idea ‘crush the hush’. Our team have personally made clips of this in the attempt to kickstart this idea – but our group believes that if we can get some social media influencers on board, we will be able to make this a trend – therefore not only increasing awareness about Quetzal but also may provide women with the confidence to speak out, as they will see many people ready and willing to support them. 

View this post on Instagram

Crush the past, Crush the trauma, #crushthehush2020

A post shared by Quetzal (@leicquetzal) on

View this post on Instagram

Crush the past, Crush the trauma #crushthehush2020

A post shared by Quetzal (@leicquetzal) on

View this post on Instagram

Crush the past, crush the trauma, #crushthehush2020

A post shared by Quetzal (@leicquetzal) on

We engage with Social media influencers – One of our members has contacted Becky Vardy on Instagram, and she assisted with promoting Quetzal. Also, @tavia.makeupp on Instagram is willing to do an eye make up look to promote Quetzal. Furthermore, these are both fantastic opportunities for the Quetzal project along with raising awareness of sexual abuse as both influencers have a large platform. 

 We contacted charities – Our team has contacted multiple charities, some examples are food banks, help call lines and any other similar organisation, which we are still waiting to hear back from. My team and I believe that if they agree to promote or refer people to Quetzal, then we will be able to show many people who may be facing hardship that there is an organisation available to assist them.

Through our effort on social media, we’ve increased the number of followers by 40.

We also wrote a small blog post to feature on Quetzal website, which was shared on Facebook and Twitter increasing, in turn, the number of visits on the Quetzal website.

About the donations

Our team asked family and friends to donate money to the cause.  The combined efforts of all our raising awareness campaigns have made people aware of the increasing prevalence of sexual abuse therefore allowing us to receive several donations from the public. Our team have collectively raised £428 and we believe that this may increase significantly as our campaign is still underway. If you want to donate, please do it here

Message from NCS Team 1: 

We would all personally like to thanks our family, friends, all those who supported us as well as Quetzal for providing us with the opportunity to help our community and it has been a pleasure working with Marie from Quetzal.  

Quetzal Message

Everyone at Quetzal would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in NCS Team 1 who helped raise money and awareness with “The Crush the Hush Campaign”. The hard work, the team, has done will benefit the charity and the women we help so much! We honestly appreciate all the kind donations. It’s been a pleasure working with NCS again, and we hope to work together again in the future.

Tara, Quetzal Volunteer Connector said:

I have really enjoyed seeing how they have used the hashtag “Crush the Hush” to build a positive presence on social media. I enjoyed using the Quetzal platform and my own personal platform to raise awareness about the campaign and the charity in general.

Dr Marie Lefebvre, Development Officer and Project Facilitator at Quetzal, said:

the NCS Team 1 demonstrated great commitment, professionalism, agency and creativity for this project. At the first meeting, they shared their motivation for picking the project, asked pertinent questions and shared ideas of what they wanted to do. They communicated with Quetzal throughout the project so we could support them effectively. They reached all their goals and even exceeded them. It was a pleasure working with them. I also thank LEBC for supporting their students and making the NCS experience great despite the uncertain times we are currently in.


NCS Team 1 Members

Quetzal Supporting Team: Tara Johnston, Dr Marie Lefebvre

Thank you to Leicestershire Education Business Company and its team for organising year after year the NCS programme

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