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”Counselling taught me self-compassion and forgiveness” is a story of change drawn out from our end of evaluation form and written by one of Quetzal’s beneficiaries who benefitted from online and telephone counselling. She answered questions, and reflected on her healing journey.

We want to thank the beneficiary who completed our end-of-evaluation form and for giving us permission to share it on our website. We invite you in turn to read and share her story.

And if you would like to share yours, fill the form here.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the service you received?

Apart from how it transformed my life which I mention in the next section, the service I received from Quetzal was awesome. I was given an opportunity so fast after I applied and Quetzal was amazing with sorting out appointments and everything relevant!

Please tell us in your own words how counselling made a difference to you, or your life.

I wanted to seek counselling for years now due to a number of events taking place in my life that have traumatised me and the coping mechanisms I adopted to deal with that. Counselling taught me self-compassion and forgiveness, something that I always struggled to work on. The counsellor maintained a safe space to discuss anything and was there to listen to me without the slightest of judgement. I never felt safe enough to fully open up to someone before, I always felt like I had to hide parts of myself for people to like me, but after counselling, I am finally happy to unapologetically be myself and I cannot be thankful enough for that.

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