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Book for 2022 a  community awareness-raising session for your group. The session is about the impacts of childhood sexual abuse on adults survivors. It can be delivered online or face-to-face.

The community awareness-raising session is for communities who want to understand the issues attached to childhood sexual abuse and discuss what they can do to support survivors.

The session lasts 1h30min.

About the Session

The session will

  • first frame childhood sexual abuse as the greatest betrayal of trust
  • identify who are the perpetrators,
  • define what is sexual abuse and childhood sexual abuse,
  • explain how perpetrators make lies true,
  • cover what our response to trauma is,
  • describe the disorders born from trauma,
  • and the maladaptive behaviours developed by survivors,

The session includes presentation and group discussions about the challenges for survivors to access counselling and what can communities do to support female survivors further and prevent childhood sexual abuse.

The session will end with each member which action they will take to support further survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

We can tailor the discussion according to the needs of the group

Who will present

Two Quetzal representatives will present – a staff member and a volunteer community connector.