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Big Give’s Women and Girls Match Fund

11 – 18 October 2023

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse experience a profound and long-lasting impact of their experiences. Support helps them process trauma, heal emotional wounds, rebuild self-esteem, and regain a sense of safety and control. It provides validation, empathy, and tools for coping, empowering survivors to navigate challenges, develop resilience, and ultimately reclaim their lives.

Quetzal services help by providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to process their experiences. It helps survivors understand and manage their emotions and develop coping strategies. Through therapeutic techniques, counselling promotes healing, empowers survivors to reframe their narratives, and facilitates the integration of traumatic memories. It fosters resilience, restores self-esteem, and enables individuals to navigate life after trauma.

1 in 4 women has experienced sexual abuse, but less than half have received the support to heal from the trauma. 

You can help us change that.

Help us reach out to those on our waiting list, those survivors of abuse who have been brave enough to seek support but haven’t started on their healing journey just yet.

A mere £10 donation could go a long way by helping us either cover travel costs for one, a sessional charge for another, building costs at large, and so on.

Every pound you donate to us this week is going to be doubled. Help us, and we’ll make the impact double!

Here’s how:

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💰 Donate any amount: £10, £20, £50, or more!  

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