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Bhensexplaining Kitty Party: a Fun and Informative Event to learn about Sexual Health.

The initiative developed by Trade Sexual Health aims to raise awareness and start conversations around sexual health, HIV and contraception options for South Asian women across Leicestershire.

With movies, games and discussion, the group had fun and engage in conversation expanding their understanding of sex as well as the South Asian Culture. Along with the fun, the group also enjoy Samousa, Pilau Rice, Aubergine Curry and Beetroot Sasimi delivered by Shivalli, Leicester

On Thursday 30th September, Trade Sexual Health delivered their  Bhensexplaining Kitty Party to volunteers and staff members from Sharma Women’s Centre and Quetzal, learning together more about sexual health.

On Monday 1st November, Quetzal delivered the materials to their staff, volunteers and female survivors.

The collaboration with Trade Sexual Health supports Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative, raising awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in Leicester South Asian Communities.

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