Quetzal Needs Corporate Help

Quetzal is a Leicester based charity, supporting women who were sexually abused as a child. Last year we had over 250 women from the area, asking for our help.

Our aim is to support these vulnerable women to cope with the trauma of their abuse, through a therapeutic counselling programme which is provided by highly trained volunteer counsellors. Our clients are women from all walks of life and all faiths and many of them have kept their abuse secret for many years – even decades.

We are the only organisation in the area specialising in this client group and we offer high standards of care in a safe and professional environment.

The ongoing challenge however, is to pay for the running costs to allow our work to continue, especially given the huge increase in referrals that we have experienced over the last two years.  Despite the intense focus in the media on sexual abuse, we receive no core funding from the government, but have to raise income ourselves through grants, contracts, and support from individuals and businesses in the community.

By donating to Quetzal, you would therefore be helping local women heal and recover from this heinous crime, whilst contributing to the financial sustainability of our much needed service.

How You Can Help

As a business there are several ways in which you can help Quetzal.


Donating prizes, or the funds to buy prizes, at events. Adding a raffle or tombola can add 20% to the total of a single event. The more high quality prizes the more money is raised.

One Off Donation

  • £30 will pay for one individual needs assessment for 1 woman in distress
  • £240 will pay for crisis counselling for one client, reducing their risk of self-harm and suicide, and stabilising their mental health
  • £720 will pay for a long-term counselling programme for 1 client, leading to improved mental health, better coping and resilience skills.

Charity Of The Year

Quetzal could become your charity of the year. Your company simply money throughout the year in whatever way suits you best.

Employee Involvement

Involving employees is always and morale boosting and can become team building. You can encourage your staff to raise money for us in many ways, for example,

  • Dress down day
  • Cake sale
  • Spare change jar
  • Sponsored “give it up month”

Event Sponsorship

Business sponsorship packages for our community events are available from £250.  Examples include sponsoring our kit for challenge events such as charity runs, sponsoring our annual fundraising dinner or sponsor a stall at a community venue.

We can also host specific sponsored corporate events such as golf, sports match, clay pigeon shooting. We are happy to tailor this around your company.

Everything will be personalised to each event.


If you feel that there is something else you can offer or need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.

Why Help

  • Improve your company profile and brand image
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Reach new audiences
  • Encourage staff to support their local community
  • Wider networking field

To arrange a meeting to discuss this further, please email help@quetzal.org.uk

What Our Clients Say

“I don’t think it’s too much to say that Quetzal has not only saved my life, but has given me more hope and life than I’ve ever had… I’ve not only reached my goal, I’ve gone past it because of the help of Quetzal I’ve been able to dream big again, I realise I can now cope, I can be in society and I can do a lot of the things I dreamt of doing.”

“I’ve come from my mood being really low and suicidal, to being able to cope with things and I’m not having any thoughts of self-harming any more. It’s given me a quality of life back, just being able to live again instead of just existing.”

“I feel like I am going to get my life back and have a better future because of this project, because you have helped me deal with my mental illnesses not in the way you feel ashamed of them, but working with them.”


If you can’t help in any of the ways above but still wish to make a donation, you can either

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