Quetzal continue to support women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse during this uncertain period by:

  • Providing face-to-face assessment and counselling sessions over the telephone. If you have a face-to-face appointment due with your counsellors, please call Quetzal to arrange it over the telephone.
  • Having our helplines open for support. Call us on 0333 101 4280 or 07436 530605 from Monday to Friday between 9-5pm.
  • Checking our emails. Send us an email on help (AT) quetzal.org.uk

We invite clients, counsellors, staff, and partners to be more vigilant against fraud and scams during Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Action Fraud, criminals are targeting people who want to purchase medical supplies, protective and hygienic items (i.e. face-masks hand sanitisers, fake testing kits) , and scam people who may be vulnerable and increasingly isolated. For more information on the most common COVID-19 frauds and the steps to keep yourself safe, visit Action fraud

In this uncertain and isolating times paced by a constant flow of international news, past and current trauma can be exacerbated. All we are feeling is valid, and to find some control and manage at best during these times of distancing, we need to develop and maintain routine and structure in our daily lives.

GINA, a Private Specialist, Trauma-informed Support for individuals subjected to sexual violence and abuse developed a resource to care  for ourselves during the coronavirus pandemic. We invite you to have a read.

Juniper Lodge, Leicestershire sexual assault referral centre also developed a leaflet with Coping Strategies COVID 19

Care for

  • your body with exercise, eating nourishing and healthy meal, a nap and good hydration,
  • your mind through arts and journaling,
  • your spirit through affirmation and gratitude
  • your social connection by writing letters and calling friends

Do more: listen to music, sing, garden, declutter, watch a film, bake a cake, have a cup of tea, play a game, start a project.